14 Ways to Quickly De-Stress

Stress and I have been long-time friends.

Not on purpose of course, but we tend to cross paths in the many things I put myself into. Whether it be school degrees, weekend projects, decorating an apartment, hosting a party, or being employed; I keep the standards of myself higher than I would anyone else, and stress tends to follow me along the way.

But I’m starting to change the relationship I have with stress and notice that I can take a break and reset myself at any time. Any of the ideas on the list are easy and quick ways to take your mind off of the moment, settle into something that makes you happy, and help the stress slowly dissipate.

  1. Make a phone call to a friend
  2. Light your favourite candle
  3. Take three deep breaths
  4. Go for a walk
  5. Put your favourite essential oil onto your wrists
  6. Put on your favourite song
  7. Write your stress down
  8. Tidy an area of your house
  9. Stretch your body
  10. Make yourself a cup of tea
  11. Paint your nails
  12. Write a to-do list for the day
  13. Dive into a hobby
  14. Explore a bookstore (my all-time favourite way to calm anxiety + stress)

What do you like to do to de-stress?


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