I think I have been beating a dead horse when I say 2017 has been a transformational year. Even in short words (city move, practicum, concussion, capping paper, graduation, Asia, new job), I can see the vast array of what 2017 has covered within my life. I finished a degree. I started a job. I moved to a new city, and also traveled to faraway ones. It’s been a whirlwind of adaption, newness, and starting over.

In the spirit of reflection, list-making, and personal growth; here are 17 things that I have come to learn and embrace over the past year.

  1. How you respond to the stress of school can be as educational as what you learn from the syllabus.
  2. Pay more for an apartment you love, because your home is your oasis.
  3. You can do anything, but you can’t do everything.
  4. Invest in relationships that feed your soul (and feed your belly when you get sick).
  5. People may know you for the small things you put out into the world, but it does not mean that they actually know you.
  6. If you can travel across the world with your love interest and still miss him the first night back in Canada, you are doing it right.
  7. You can be curious without being obsessive. And when you feel the line start to creep over, know when to practice self-control.
  8. A perfect day is a walk along the Bow River in May with a good friend and an iced latte.
  9. The majority of life is managing expectations. When things are different than you thought they were going to be, practice gratitude and reflect on how you can positively change the circumstance.
  10. Weekly connection is crucial, and easiest when it’s pre-scheduled. (Your friends from bible study have been such a source of grace.)
  11. Growth happens in stages. Give time needed in each area and then you can move to the next.
  12. Look what you’ve done in 25 years. Imagine what you can accomplish in 75 more!
  13. You will never have as much freedom, independence, and alone time as you have now. Cherish every single moment of it.
  14. Don’t force yourself to write. If the words aren’t there, take a breath, and know they will come back.
  15. Patience in the timeline of your life will get easier. (I hope).
  16. There is something so spiritual about traditions. Never be afraid to create a new tradition with a new person.
  17. These are the days full of friendship, accomplishment, and abounding love you will one day tell your grandchildren about. That. Is. So. Cool. 

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Enjoy the holidays – 2018 is going to be magical!



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