I am a lover of resolutions.

I don’t think this is quite surprising given my immense appreciation for lists, setting goals, and overall self-improvement. But it’s perhaps surprising that New Years Eve is my favourite holiday of them all. The chocolate of Easter, the stuffing at Thanksgiving, or even the gift giving of Christmas have not held the same regard or appreciation that I look forward to when it comes to a new year. I find it exciting that time is a gift given to us each year, with the unknown, opportunity, and excitement that dangles with it. I feel a sudden ‘restart’ button pressed throughout my body that comes with this newness.

And though I believe that we do not need a new year or new month to make positive changes, I somehow find the cleansing of a new year as the ultimate renewal.

I may be one of the few people that maintain their resolutions (but c’mon people,  it’s all about realistic changes…) But I’ve actually moved away from structured sentences to follow as a prescription for my new year. I remember reading (and I am so sorry I have forgotten the source) about a woman who chooses words to represent her New Years resolution.

A word. Simple. Concise. Easy to meditate on.

And 2017 was my beta project of using it. Now, once I tell you my word you’re going to automatically think “Megan, that’s two words…”, but, there are no rules when it comes to goal setting, eh?

For 2017, I lived by the word(s) Radical Honesty.

I wanted to be truthful not only when it was easy and important, but also with my thoughts and feelings [that would have been pushed down and covered up by my old self]. And to be clear, I didn’t choose these words because of a past history of chronic dishonesty. I chose these words because I have lived in places where I had a hard time being true to my feelings, and ended up covering up or shielding my actions from my own self. The dishonesty I wanted to erase was not towards other people, it was the dishonesty that lived within myself towards my own soul.

It is no secret that 2017 was a big year for me. And I also have no doubts that 2018 will be equally diverse, exciting, and growth inducing. Those thoughts provide a bit of pressure when it comes to what words I choose for 2018. I want to pick something big and boisterous, I want to live up to words that are loud and courageous. But I also think my courage has never come from being loud, and I don’t think my presence has ever been considered “big”.

This upcoming year, as we enter the beautiful and new 2018, I choose to live by the words: Find Joy.

Things are found when they are looked for. Things become revealed when you choose to take on the perspective that there is something worth finding within the chaos. I want to pursue joy, both big and little joys, in their full capacity. I want to run after truth and beauty and loveliness, as these are all things that bring me immense joy.

And there you have it. I have two new words to caption the beginning of a new year. I’m already looking forward to what this blog post will include a year from now, as I reflect on the peaks and valleys of 2018 and what the next year has to offer.

It’s a beautiful life, isn’t it?

What word or resolution are you looking forward to accomplishing in 2018?


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