24 Things I’ve Learned at 24

I am a lover of lists.

This time last year I celebrated my 23rd birthday in the beautiful city of Berlin, and created a list of 23 things I had learned so far in life.

A lot of those things still apply to me. And maybe they apply to you too.

This year I decided to create another list (with another year full of realizations and lessons learned) to help celebrate how beautiful these last 24 years have been.

Hopefully some of these can help spark some ideas in how beautiful/bumpy/enjoyable/remarkable/hard your life has been too.



  1. Being a morning person is a gift. The morning holds the best kind of quiet, coffee, and time to spend with yourself.
  2. If you don’t want to go out with those people, then don’t. Your time is precious – you’re not missing out if they’re out and you’re at home.
  3. Invest in good lipstick. There’s a reason why the stuff that looks good (and stays on) costs a little more.
  4. Learning to listen to your body is the best way to give it what it truly needs.
  5. Your parents won’t be around forever. Tell them you love them, and talk about the hard stuff.
  6. Presence > Presents
  7. You cannot realistically spend $5 on coffee every day, so don’t. But let yourself have your favourite one after you’ve killed an especially hard week.
  8. Travel is always worth the money. Always.
  9. Writing birthday cards to your friends never gets old. So don’t stop just because you’re past the point of birthday parties. (Extra points if you send it by mail)
  10. It is never too late to get to know yourself. Take yourself out to lunch and truly ask yourself what brings you joy in life. Then, go out and do those things.
  11. Sleep is not overrated. Get at least 8 hours a night. And if you can’t, know that it’s okay to take an afternoon nap.
  12. Buy a moisturizer with SPF so you are always covered (literally and metaphorically…ha!) 
  13. Coconut oil fixes everything.
  14. It’s exciting to think about the future – but don’t ever believe that you have control over it. Enjoy the present moment and be thankful for what you already have.
  15. Never stop being amazed by the mountains.
  16. Have at least five solid dishes you can whip up for dinner. Eating well means eating at home.
  17. You don’t need to travel to be a tourist. Go explore where you live at the moment.
  18. Never forget where you came from. And remember to go back and visit.
  19. Fall in love with as much as you can. People, places, food, and so on… Life is better with love.
  20. There is no better joy than seeing someone else happy because of something you did. Spread more joy.
  21. Make your bed in the mornings. Not only does it look better – it stops you from hopping back in after class…
  22. The best things in life aren’t things.
  23. If you think back a year ago, you would have no idea how far you’ve come. Only look back so you can appreciate the now.
  24. Eat the bag of mini eggs – it’s your birthday after all!

Thanks for following along this journey – here’s to another great year ahead!


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  • Dad

    February 24, 2016

    This is great Megan. A lot of wisdom in these words!


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