25 Things I’m Grateful For

I find great pleasure in reflection.

I wouldn't say I enjoy living in the past, but I do like reflecting on what has or hasn't been working in my life. And one thing that has always been positive, is taking time to think about what I'm grateful for.

Sometimes these can be big abstract ideas, or sometimes they can be small moments or feelings. The process of creating a list not only brings back waves of gratitude, but it also helps transport me back to this moment in my life when I choose to read these later on.

And that is a kind of time travel I really enjoy.

I hope you enjoy reading some of the things that I'm grateful for. And perhaps, it'll inspire you to write your own.

  1. Participating in a job that supports me financially, but more importantly fulfills me mind, body, and spirit.
  2. Listening to well-made Spotify playlists while I cook dinner for myself.
  3. Waking up after a restful, deep, and refreshing sleep.
  4. Spending time with friends over coffee.
  5. Lighting a new candle that smells familiar and comforting.
  6. Outrageous thunderstorms that call for a warm blanket and a new Netflix series.
  7. Friendships that hold honest conversations.
  8. Village Ice-cream, and it's beautiful proximity to my house.
  9. On that note, my neighborhood. It's walkability, and variety is greatly appreciated.
  10. The feeling immediately after a Hot Yin yoga class.
  11. Finding the creative outlet that is my bullet journal.
  12. The ability to play competitive levels of hockey in adulthood.
  13. Rupi Kaur's new book coming out in October.
  14. Having a fresh, clean home.
  15. Having the opportunity to knit baby hats for wonderful friends.
  16. Apps that bring a little more mindfulness into my day (currently, or still, loving Buddhify).
  17. The ability to travel and explore new cultures across the world.
  18. Loving nicknames I've been given.
  19. The opportunity to support friends doing amazing work across the province.
  20. My aversion to trying new foods has been outgrown.
  21. Mix CDs and a long road trip ahead.
  22. The feeling that life is trying to work in your favour.
  23. Foods that bring on nostalgia (like bannock).
  24. The enjoyment (and therapy) I still continue to feel from writing.
  25. The feeling that the best is still yet to come.

I hope that reading some of the things on my list has sparked you to create a list of your own, whether that makes it down to paper or just lives in your head.


**All photos by the lovely Hannah Brooks – hannahbrooksphotography.com**

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