The 5 Minute Appetizer

Happy end of February! 

I’ve found myself attending more parties lately, especially with the slew of Christmas, New Year’s Eve, and my eventual birthday in February. As I get older I start seeing the parties I attend start to shift and mould into something more structured and less “off the handle.”


I like this change of pace. I like offering to bring food to parties and taking the time to craft something special and heartfelt. At the same time, I like things that are easy to make, delicious, and a healthy option compared to the normal party fare.

I wish this dish had a name – but it’s simplicity often makes it hard to pin down into a two-word category. This dish has been a staple party appetizer in my repertoire for the last 2-3 years. If you like something that has a minimal ingredient list, requires a small amount of time to whip up and will taste good despite its utterly healthy composition, then I think this is something you should keep in your back pocket.

Directions and ingredients (all packed into one)

  1. Pick yourself up a good cucumber. I like one with a decent radius for ultimate hummus surface area coverage.
  2. Take your cucumber and slice it up.
  3. Buy your favourite hummus. Use a butter knife and apply to sliced cucumber. I like to have the cucumber covered, but you can use your discretion here.
  4. Everyone has a carrot laying around. Find your carrot and grate it using the smaller holed side of your cheese grater.
  5. Apply beautiful carrot shreds to your cucumber slices. Refrigerate until it’s time to pull out for your party guests.

And it is literally as easy as that. 

I hope you’ve enjoyed this simple recipe which (from experience) seems to go over quite well. What is your favourite ‘go-to’ appetizer to bring to parties (I think I need to expand my collection of recipes…) 

Thanks for following along,

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