50 Ideas for Self-Care

Lists are my favourite. And I feel like I haven’t given them a fair introduction in this blog. So, prepare for a majorly long list of all the different ways you can practice self-care today/this week/month/year….

Run yourself a hot bath with bubbles

Buy yourself the ‘fancy’ coffee

Paint your nails

Go to a yoga/pilates/spin class

Sleep in

Buy yourself a water bottle you love (and will use)

Go for a long drive

Take yourself out for brunch

Wear a face mask

Go for a walk outside without your phone

Give yourself 1 hour guilt-free Netflix time

Call your best friend

Hug someone

Treat yo’ self (however you see reasonably fit)

Buy your favourite song on iTunes

Buy yourself a new workout piece


Try a new restaurant you’ve been eyeing

Explore a new part of your city/neighborhood

Treat yourself to a new book

Go for a bike ride

Eat your breakfast in bed

Write yourself a love letter

Buy yourself a new app

Take a cat nap

Research a new recipe and cook yourself a lavish dinner

Take yourself out to a movie

Grab a blanket and watch a movie

Buy the ice-cream. Eat the ice-cream.

Buy yourself a new plant for your home

Create a motivating playlist for the gym

Get a massage

Stop at the local SPCA and pet puppies

Have a living room dance party

Teach yourself a new skill (like knitting!)

Knit yourself a hat


Burn a new candle

Start planning your next trip/vacation

Online shop (without buying)

Start reading a new book

Practice 10 minutes of mindfulness

Invest in a course or class

Take a rest day from the gym

Give yourself permission to not get everything done

Write your future self a letter

Explore a bookstore

Go to a movie alone

Buy yourself a colouring book

Have a movie night in your pajamas

Buy the lipstick. Life is short.

I hope this list sparks some ideas of how you can take of yourself this week. I know I have a couple of these already scheduled in, but I’d love to hear what you enjoy doing for self-care!

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