Bookshelf Beauties

I come by my book hoarding honestly.

I grew up with a living room housing two large bookshelves with every kind of book imaginable (all belonging to my father). I loved the look of books, towering against a wall as if holding up the roof with all of its thick pages.


In my adulthood I have started quite a collection. A part of me gets so attached to books that I can’t give them away, and another part loves that they take up so much space (and beauty) in my home. For the sake of decorating though, I keep most of my books in a smaller bookshelf hidden away in my closet. This way I can get to them easily if I wake up from the middle of the night and need something to distract my mind. However, there are a handful of books that I can’t bear to leave in a hidden bookshelf – and so I keep them in my living room to beautifully take up the space they deserve.

These are some of those books.


A beautiful yogi centered book that inspires me through the mere text and layout. Though there is interactive space to write thoughts and memories, I refuse to lay a pen to this book to keep its purity in place. You may also recognize this book from my Instagram feed – I do love to showcase its quotes and depth.

The Dream Map.

This one probably isn’t new to you, and perhaps you’ve uncovered other Danielle LaPorte books as well – but this one is great if you feel like you’re a little “stuck” in life. Again, this book has beautiful space to write thoughts and feelings, but I choose to follow the interactive stages in a separate notebook to maintain the beautiful white crisp pages and wonderful text. This book is a must have for any solo getaway.

Women, Food, and God.

If you’ve ever had a complicated relationship with food (and really, who hasn’t?) this book is for you. This book came into my life at a very special time and has left a mark on the way I see myself and relate to my body. The title alone caught my eye, and the book definitely delivered.

Milk & Honey.

Rupi Kaur is one of those authors I feel as if I could instantly become friends with. And it has nothing to do with me, and everything to do with how eloquently she can write about her own experiences so perfectly. She has perfectly captured feelings that I had not evenly fully named myself. And that is a beautiful gift. Kaur is in the process of editing her second book of poems, and I can already guarantee that it will be just as moving as this one. (Go out and buy yourself a copy, NOW).

The Highly Sensitive Person.

This book is not for everyone. In fact, it’s for the small percentage of us that identify as being a highly sensitive person (HSP). If that is something you feel drawn to, then I highly recommend this book go in your permanent library. Reading it has given me incredible insight into my own inner life (something I try to regularly uncover), and help me not only understand my own thoughts but also how I react to others. This book, and all others written by Elaine Aron, are beautiful and eye-opening.


If I’m on a desert island and I can’t get to my copy of Milk & Honey, Salt is my next choice. The words on each page dance in an intricate way that makes the human experience feel a little more bearable.

The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up

This book is way past its hype of a few years ago, but people are still using its minimalistic theory in their process of owning fewer things. I myself, enjoy a good purge every once in a while. And because I prefer to purge clothes rather than books, this one stays on the bookshelf with the others.

The beauty of these books is evident both from the cover as well as the text inside. I encourage you to spend a little more time in front of a book rather than a screen and let me know what you’ve been enjoying lately.


Happy reading,

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