Why I Love Bullet Journaling

Journaling is not a new concept for me.

As a child, I became intensely worried about my memory. I’m not sure why, but the fact that I couldn’t remember the events of the day before terrified me that I would soon start forgetting everything. I was gifted a small day planner at the age of 13, and that began my daily journal habit.

And when I say ‘daily journal habit‘, I mean that in the most serious sense. I wrote down (in vague and then increasingly more detailed accounts) every thing that happened to me each day from the ages of 13 to 18 years old. It started with bullet point accounts of soccer games and play dates, and turned into full page stories of high school graduation and summer jobs.

In university, I found the habit of recalling my day before bedtime more difficult. My days weren’t as structured and the desire to write every detail of my life waned. But, I still kept my love for day planners, and the ability to organize my schedule in a written form.

And now, at 25 years old I have found a perfect way to combine my love for journaling, organizing my increasingly busy schedules, and exploring a creative outlet. And this, is what bullet journaling is for me.

If bullet journaling sounds like a completely new topic to you, then I suggest checking out this short video that explains essential what it is (and who created the concept).

Personally, I use it as a hybrid of planning my days, weeks, month and overall year, as well as breaking down my to do list throughout the week so I can stay productive. Every layout (or spread as they’re called) is customized as you go, so I can switch up how I want to organize my thoughts depending on what the week holds. I also like tracking different habits such as water consumption and steps so I can keep myself accountable.

This journal lets me explore doodling, it lets me keep track of the quotes that have scattered dozens of other notebooks in the past, and it lets me organize my lists in one place. At the beginning of my bullet journal you’ll see my 2017 bucket list, the books I’ve read so far this year, and a list of special moments so far this year.

If the idea of bullet journaling is interesting to you, then I highly recommend checking out these videos (this and this one!) to see how creative they can get.

As for now, I’m changing the format of my journal to capture the days and memories from my trip. But I love that the flexibility is there so I can return back to organizing my days when I arrive back in Canada.

What system do you use to organize your days?

Happy planning,

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