Carob Almond Bites

I've always been a creative person.

Before I spent my summers in hockey camps I was often in painting classes, drama camps, or crafting something out of nothing. But cooking, or at least spending time in the kitchen, has been a relatively new endeavor. I didn't spend much time preparing food in my younger years, but having the opportunity to live away from home has helped these skills grow into what they are now.

My attention span doesn't always coincide well with recipes. I like using the ingredient list but otherwise, the directions seem to bore me and I always end up doing my own thing. That's probably not wise to admit, but it's the truth.

This recipe came out of experimentation. And actually, it came out of wanting to do a completely different recipe with the same ingredients and having it fail, and turn into this… I guess that's the only way new things can be discovered, right?

I originally wanted to make chocolate covered almonds with sea salt. It seemed like a nice treat to have on hand, and I had all of the ingredients (except my chocolate chips were actually carob chips).

I thought this wouldn't be a problem, so I threw a cup full of carob chips into a homemade double boiler and watched as the mash of chips melted slightly, but then clumped into a full ball. No matter how long I left it there, these babies wouldn't melt down to the milk chocolate consistency I was looking for. And thus began a new recipe and a completely new idea.

Because the carob chips didn't melt down, I scooped the "batter" onto a lined baking sheet with tin foil and molded it into little balls. I pressed an almond into the center and crushed some Himalayan pink sea salt on top before popping into the fridge. Literally, one of the easiest recipes you'll find.

These harden up quickly, last for weeks, and have a slightly sweet but mostly salty flavour that is unique and delicious. Carob chips are a great alternative if you're lactose intolerant as they don't contain any milk, and are high in minerals such as calicum and magnesium which makes these seem like more of a treat than they actually are.

I don't ever wish these "failed" recipes on myself, but this one turned into a happy mistake that I'm always glad to share. Anything that agrees with my taste buds and also requires minimal ingredients and time, is a winner in my book.

Give these a shot sometime and let me know what you think.

Happy cooking!

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