My Desktop Essentials

I like to surround myself with things that bring me joy.

Whether I’m at work or on the run, I like to keep things close to me that keep me in a space of remembrance of what I’m working towards and what I want to accomplish. One place I find myself at for an especially large amount of time, is my desk at home.

To be completely honest, it’s probably where I spend the second most amount of time in my apartment, with my bed naturally taking first place. I’ve recently moved my desk to face a window, so I plop down in the evenings to write and enjoy the fleeting moment of the sunshine in front of me. My desk holds the many notebooks I own, the pens I so carefully collect and use, and some of my current favourite products.

My desk brings inspiration, familiarity, and joy to all of my senses at the same time. Here are some of my desktop essentials that I have come to love:

A Good Drink

I find a glass in front of me reminds me of my reignited focus to stay hydrated (and especially helps to ward off headaches that often come my way when I’m low on water). A recent find of mine are beautiful white marble coasters (similar to these) that help elevate my glass tumblrs. Mornings call for coffee or water, and the evenings are enjoyed with herbal teas.


My love for candles is obvious, and this new Green Tea & Bergamot candle gifted to me at Christmas has been a wonderful addition. It’s small enough to not take up too much space, and the scent is dreamy enough to spark the inspiration I need. I don’t often burn candles during the day so I can keep the flickering lights as an evening treat.


I love keeping plants at my desk to help add greenery to my space, especially when the view out my window is mostly snow. This succulent has been a newer addition and has been incredibly hardy as my apartment braves the changing temperatures. Be sure to check out this blog post where I go into detail of my favourite local plant shops and where you can find yourself one of these guys. [Even if you’re not a Calgary native, you might have one of these stores nearby!] 


I’ve long been wanting a diffuser, and I was lucky enough to receive one for Christmas. While a candle can add some light into my space, this diffuser is an amazing way to settle into my ‘writing mode’ through the wonderful world of essential oils. I’m currently loving Liquid Sunshine and Chill Out by Sage which are on frequent repeat (sunshine is for mornings, chill out a wonderful evening addition). If I’m feeling espeically in the the ‘essential oil mood’ I bring this little guy into my bedroom to prime my body for sleep.

Coconut Hand Cream

I’ve never been one to heavily shop at Urban Outfitters, but after perusing the store for Christmas presents I have fallen in love with this handcream. And I think that’s saying something, as I’ve never bought myself a hand cream in my life! The coconut scent is heavenly and the packaging is perfectly minimal to add a soft pop of colour on my otherise very white desk space.

What are your desktop essentials?



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