My Favourite Natural Beauty Products

I’ve mentioned it before but one of my 2015 Resolutions (which seems ancient now…) was to switch over my beauty and toiletries products to more “natural” and eco-friendly. Have I completed this? Well, not entirely…

Making the big switch of everything is daunting, time consuming, and especially expensive for a little grad student like me. I’ve realized that this process is not an over night thing, but a gradual progression of trying new brands, doing my own research, and being mindful of how these products work with my body.

While I am no where to completely being done, I would love to share with you some brands and products that I have discovered so far (and for you to pass along any recommendations you might be loving at the moment too!).


Lush is a Canadian brand of cruelty free face, body, and make up, that is handmade with fresh ingredients. This company believes in buying ethically, giving back, and making a profit. All things I can respect from a company who makes truly worthwhile products that are not only good for my body, but also the environment.

I Love Juicy Shampoo

If you’re looking for a new shampoo, then look no further. I discovered this shampoo after using a tester that was given to me in one of the Lush locations. I immediately fell in love it for it’s strong fruity scent. What’s even better, is it zaps the oily out of my incredibly oil locks and leaves a refreshingly clean feel. I’ve now been able to skip days washing my hair which means my scalp is learning to better control it’s oil production. SCORE!

Full of Grace Moisturizer Bar

This bar has been a game changer in the realm of keeping my skin soft. It’s in bar form, considered a moisturizer, but also acts like a serum – which makes for a great multipurpose product. I simply warm it up in my hands before using (as it acts like an oil) and apply it to my face before bed. It works great under face masks, additional night creams, or just on its own as a moisturizer. It does leave quite an “oily” sheen on your face, which is why I have kept it strictly for my nightly routine, but it leaves your skin feeling baby soft and hydrated.


No Drought Dry Shampoo

This dry shampoo is amazing. I’ve been trying to avoid aerosol sprays, but to be honest, the concept of a powder scared me (as I imagined super noticeable white clumps forming on my scalp). I first tried this as a sample from Lush (which is a great business model by the way) and noticed a huge difference in the way it absorbed oil. I do try to use my own homemade dry shampoo as often as I can, but I can’t help but admit that this stuff leaves less residue and absorbs a bit better into my scalp. And some days, you just need to treat yo’ self to the good stuff.


Green Beaver

Green Beaver is a company I’ve seen around my house quite a lot but have only recently gotten into myself. My brother and mother are avid users and I have finally jumped on the hype train.

A bonus? They’re Canadian!


I find natural deodorants to be intimidating. A lot of the natural ones I’ve seen (that don’t contain aluminium) require you to glob it onto your hands and apply it to your underarms yourself. Not terrible, but also a lot more than anticipated if they don’t even work. Green Beaver deodorant works. Like, really well. It’s also in a normal stick like applicator so the familiarity aspect is covered. I also really like the tea tree smell which makes me free extra fresh.



I’m currently using the Green Beaver Mint Toothpaste and it does the trick. I definitely feel just as “toothy fresh” afterwards as I would with other toothpastes. However, when they claim the flavour to be “mint”, please be warned that this is natural flavouring… which basically means it’s a faint hint of mint you’ll taste. If you can get past the usual blast of minty freshness you have acclimatized to growing up with, this is a great natural alternative.

DIY ‘Do It Yourself’Beauty

Dry Shampoo

I posted my DIY Dry Shampoo a couple months back and I still use this fairly regularly. I apply it to the roots of my hair with a large blush brush, and I really like how it matches my hair colour. The cinnamon/chocolatey smell doesn’t hurt either…but I have noticed that the smell becomes quite noticeable once my scalp starts to sweat. So, this DIY might not pass the gym test, but it’s still a great cheap alternative if you’re in need for some dry shampoo.


Apple Cider Vinegar Hair Rinse

This Apple Cider Vinegar hair rinse is probably the easiest thing to make (hello two ingredients!) and actually works! I haven’t bought conditioner in months and my hair is just as soft as it usually is. I especially appreciate this DIY as it naturally balances my scalps PH and washes away any product that can be left over (uhm, potentially that dry shampoo…). Plus, apple cider vinegar has a million other uses so you know that buying a bottle won’t go to waste.


Coconut Lip Scrub

If you noticed a theme here, you can tell I like simple ingredients and easy instructions. This two ingredient lip scrubs works to buff away dry winter skin while moisturizing at the same time. I’ve plopped it inside of a recycled LUSH tester package and have made it an awesome routine to help combat the cold winter months on my skin.





There you  have it! Some of my favourite natural beauty products that believe in minimal and body friendly ingredients. What are your favourite natural and earth friendly products? I would love to get suggestions to try things out in the future!


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