My Favourite Things in #Yeg

Edmonton (or better known as yeg; our beautifully crafted airport code) has been my home for the last year and a half. As a child I always felt like I would spend a part of my life in Edmonton. I dreamt of going to the University of Alberta like my mother did, but my path led me to Calgary for my undergrad shortly after high school.

But, life is funny like that. 

We tend to end up where we need to be at the exact moment in life we are meant to experience it.

Edmonton is an adventure. And I am so thankful that I’ve gotten the opportunity to pursue my graduate degree here AND live in a bustling city that has an amazing coffee culture and dedication to their hockey team. I have loved my time here to explore, as well as to deepen friendships and close the chapter of my life with the permanent marker label that says “student”.

Here are some of my favourite things in Edmonton. Some of my favourite stores, restaurants, parts, and pieces. I would love to hear about what you love in Edmonton, or even just the city you currently live in. Exploring your city has the ability to unlock incredible potential in your quality of life.


Wee Book Inn 


I am a lover of bookstores, and there is no way that I could leave Wee Book Inn off this list. I am partial to the Whyte Ave store, but both locations hold a plethora of used books with good prices. The fact that the store stays open until midnight most days of the weeks tells me that people are coming back to books being “cool”, and I really like that. I have my usual sections I love to bee-line to, but it is often when I spend time running my fingers along each books’ spine that I find something special and take it home with me. I will surely miss this bookstore.



Sattva Yoga Studio 

Finding a community when being new to a city is hard. Finding a yoga community you feel welcomed into is even harder. Sunday sessions over the course of my 1.5 years in Edmonton brought back an inner love of yoga that needed to be nudged out of me. Every other class I have attended at Sattva has been amazing, but I highly suggest checking out their (free) 3pm Sunday class to not only get an amazing workout but an amazing community to go along with it.



YogaLife Studio 

My other favourite yoga studio is hands down YogaLife in Edmonton. The plethora of classes between their two locations means it is impossible to not find a class you will enjoy. Another perk of this studio is free tea to-go after your time on the mat!


Mosaic Cafe

I popped into Mosaic Cafe within the first week of moving to Edmonton without even realizing it was a  vegetarian restaurant. And though I sometimes have to preface taking friends there, I can honestly say I have never had an item on their menu that did not exceed my expectations. Their pumpkin mac n’ cheese (called Stay Gold Pony Boy!) is the perfect warm soul hugging meal for a cold day, and their iced cashew chai drink is my favourite summer pick-me up.



Another spot tucked away (on 124th), Kb & co is meat, dairy, egg, and soy free but full of flavour and nutrients. I’ve only gotten to try a few items from their menu but I already have my eyes on (looking at you, turmeric tea) others for my next stop in!





Square 1 Coffee

I am disappointed in myself that I didn’t discover this place sooner. Yeg Coffee Week introduced me to a list of new places and this one caught my eye enough to make the drive. This place is a hidden gem in Edmonton. And I feel like I can’t necessarily pinpoint why I love this place so much. It has plug-ins, parking, free lemon water from mason jars… but this coffee shop is special on so many different levels. I highly suggest you check out this place (and the sandwich of the day!)

District Cafe 

I am happy to say I made my way to District once before the renovations, which has created such a thankfulness in me that this place now has more seating. Aesthetically, probably one of the most pleasing places I have been in. Coffee, fantastic as always, But, what you really need to focus on here is their cinnamon buns. I tell my friends with a strong confidence that District has the best cinnamon buns in town – and so far I haven’t been proven wrong.



This was one of the first coffee shops I really explored in my first few days of living in this city. It was close enough to campus but far enough away that it wasn’t necessarily full of students. The brick always drew my eye and the corner lit windows brought in warmth. Transcend is a perfect getaway place for a coffee.





Let me know some of your favourite spots in Edmonton – I plan to come back and explore on a regular basis.





**All photos by the lovely Hannah Brooks; **


  • Julie

    December 21, 2016

    Hey, nice article ! Edmonton seems to be an amazing city ! I live in Phnom Penh, Cambodia and a lot of people here don’t like the city saying that it’s dusty and industrial but I love it. I never imagined that I would be living here but here I am, and I love it 🙂

    I love your blog ! So positive, it makes me feel good to read it 🙂

    • Megan McCormick

      December 22, 2016

      Hi Julie!

      That is so cool you live in Cambodia, and I’m so happy to see that you’re enjoying your time there!
      And I really appreciate your feedback!



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