Fresh Skin for Fall

Maybe it’s the whole ‘turning 25’ thing, but I’ve suddenly become much more interested in my skin care. Skin is the largest organ we own, and sometimes it needs a bit more help than solely choosing to eat well and hydrate often. Our skin represents how well we treat the inside of our bodies. And that not only includes nutrition but also stress, environmental factors, and what we choose to put on it.

On my second last day in Vietnam, I treated myself to a facial (something I had only had once before) and I quickly fell in love. Somehow it felt like the fastest and slowest 60 minutes I’ve ever experienced. It’s not uncommon for me to practice this kind of self-care. But over my lifetime I’ve always chosen massages for tired muscles and strained sports injuries, and now I was choosing to take care of a different part of myself.

All of the face masks I mention have become new but fast favourites. Hopefully they can provide some much needed TLC for your skin, as we enter into these colder months.


L’Oreal Pure Clay Mask in Seaweed

I’ve tried many of L’Oreal’s clay masks, and none have been as impressive as this. This one is in an entirely different category. I love it for a handful of reasons, but I secretly love the blue hue that stays vibrate on your face like an alien. This mask is specifically formulated with seaweed to bring comfort and unification back to your skin (think less redness and irritation). And another weird reason I’m obsessed, it cleanses off the skin so easily you’ll actually want to put it right back on.

I use this mask when… I want to reduce redness, bring calm, and restore balance to my skin.


Boscia Lumizing Black Mask

I am no stranger to charcoal. My skin type loves it, and I love finding new products that boast this black magic ingredient. This Boscia stuff is the real deal. In a thick opaque texture, you layer it onto your skin to remove anything that was left clogging your skin. The cleanup is easy as it simply peels off once it’s ready. Sometimes it brings a little pain, but my skin always feels extremely clean without the harsh feeling of being dry.

I use this mask when… my skin needs some serious detoxing.


Fresh Vitamin Nectar Vibrancy-Boosting Face Mask

This stuff smells like spring in a jar, which isn’t far off as it’s created from 50% crushed citrus fruits. You can actually see the small chunks of fruit used (so beware of leaving it on your skin for too long or they will not come off…). Some gentle massaging of the cheeks with this mask brings back life in just a few minutes.

I use this mask when… I want some brightness.


Laneige Berry Yogurt Repairing Mask

I didn’t expect to love this mask so much, and surprisingly, I’ve never actually used it as a mask. I apply a thin layer in the evenings as a heavy moisturizer and it sinks in beautifully. The berry yogurt smell is so accurate you will actually want to snack on this in the morning, but when you notice how plump and moisturized your skin is, you’ll gladly save it for the upcoming evening.

I use this mask when… ever I want, and that’s usually all of the time. It’s pretty great.

Have I created a sudden craving for a face mask?

Well, if you’re a Calgarian reader you’re actually in luck. My good friend Laura at A Lush Life has teamed up with Skoah to provide Calgary readers with an amazing deal of a $35, 45-minute facial.

That’s insane!

Head over to her blog here, and click on the link she’s provided at the bottom. We spent an afternoon at Skoah a couple weekends ago and it was a heavenly experience! Not only do they treat you incredibly well, but they walk you through all of the (Candian sourced and made) products they put onto your skin. Laura’s deal only lasts until October 31st so make sure you book yourself a treat (Halloween pun intended…) before time runs out.

On another note, what face masks are you currently loving?



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