Hexagon Jewelry + And The 6 Dimensions of Wellness

I have slowly become a jewelry person over the years, and my one caveat is my jewelry must have meaning.

And the evolution of my love for hexagon jewelry has become something worth sharing.

I bought my first piece the winter of 2015, while off on a solo Europe trip to discover the world after university. I had previously learned about the 6 dimensions of wellness, and in this personal journey across the world I wholly embraced this concept.

Six dimensions, just like the six sides of a hexagon. I was weirdly hooked.

I was in an H&M (in Poland of all places), when I came across a silver hexagon shape falling off of a simple silver chain. I was backpacking, so I knew I did not need to buy jewelry for the sake of carrying it. I walked around the mall for an hour before returning, purchasing, and slinging that necklace on before I even left the store.

That was the beginning.

Flash forward two years and I now own hexagon earrings and multiple rings (even one that became deformed in an arcade basketball game). The simple reminder that I wear on my finger each day is to bring me back to the 6 dimensions of wellness, the six things I need to nurture on a daily basis to keep me well.

Are you wondering what these 6 things are yet? The dimensions include:

Intellectual Wellness

Environmental Wellness

Social Wellness

Physical Wellness

Spiritual Wellness

Emotional Wellness

It might seem a little funny to hold such a huge concept in the small angles of my jewelry, but it’s this reminder (rather than a tattoo, you’re welcome Mom) that my health is held in so many different realms than just what I eat and how often I move.

I’ll be diving into each one of these dimensions over the coming weeks to let you know how I take care of that dimension, and ways that you can support your own dimension of well-being. And if you ever run into me on the street, know that you can ask for a story about any of the pieces of jewelry I wear…

What is the easiest dimension of wellness for you to keep in check?




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