What I’m Loving Right Now

I’ve never been a huge fan of spring. 

If anything, fall is really my season. But this year I find myself increasingly drawn to the renewal that spring brings. I’m craving warmer weather, bluer skies, and long drawn out evenings that I’m able to walk home comfortably from. Maybe these feelings are brought on by what feels like a never-ending winter. Either way, I find myself drawn to so many new things and new products that I would love to share with you.



My last favourites post was all the way back in January (feel free to click the link and give’r a read), so here’s an updated version of what I’m currently loving:

The Sorry Girls

This discovery came from my usual YouTube hole that I get myself into. I clicked on a video, and immediately fell in love with these two girls from the GTA (Canada, represent!). A DIY based channel is where they flex their creativity muscle and create beautiful new creations from basically nothing. My favourite video is where they buy basic items from a dollar store and turn them into trendy apartment furniture.


PC Cauliflower Pasta

This is a random one, I completely realize that. But after buying this pasta “on a whim” I can honestly say I’ve eaten it every day in a one week span (with no guilt or shame, might I add). This pasta is so flavorful that I don’t even add sauce! I merely boil it until it looks soft, drain it, put it into a bowl and devour. Seriously, if President’s Choice wants to sponsor me and pay for me to eat more of this pasta, I wouldn’t say no…

Coconut Oil

This has been a rediscovery for me. Coconut oil has been the magic oil for the last five years, but very recently it has become my own magic oil for my skin. The stress of my concussion left me with dry, flaky, acne all over my chin. This was serious stuff. And though the coconut oil didn’t completely heal my skin, I know it provided it the nourishment and moisture it so desperately needed. I now keep a mason jar of the stuff in my bathroom so I can easily use it on my face, as shaving cream in the shower, or all over my body as necessary. This stuff is bomb.


Missing Richard Simmons

This was an addiction that I didn’t quite see coming. As I prepared for a walk along the Bow River, I browsed the App Store looking for a new podcast to try out. Missing Richard Simmons was close to the top and intrigued me enough to download the first couple of episodes. Well, let me tell you, I flew through those babies like it was my last mission on earth. I can’t say I’ve ever been super interested in the life of Richard Simmons, but this podcast not only makes you admire the self-starter, but also incredibly worried about his disappearance. I won’t give away any spoilers, but this is an amazing podcast if you like non-fiction and pop culture.


Here’s a little taste of what I’ve been loving lately, from food all the way to podcasts!

What have you been loving lately?



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