Making SPF Sexy

I’m sure the title caught your eye. SPF and sexy in the same sentence?

Yes, I know it’s provocative (that’s the point…)

I am not the first person to hate using sunscreen, but I might be the one to hate it the most. As a fair-skinned child, I remember dreading having to goop on gross smelling lotions on to my skin that took forever to absorb and often stained my clothes. Even the novelty of purple sunscreen that was supposed to dry clear (and thus help you see where you applied) was lost on me.

I hate hate hate sunscreen.

But, I do know that skin cancer is preventable. I know that sun damage can also cause wrinkles and speed up the aging process. And I also know that bright red skin is not a good look for me.

So, in true adulting fashion, I am vowing to make SPF sexy again and learn how to start wearing it every day (to save my skin, and my eventual longevity of looking “youthful”). Here are a couple ways I apply SPF that don’t ruin my day:

2 for 1

I love two for one products. I love doing one thing and getting two benefits out of it. That is why moisturizers or make up products that already have SPF included in them are glorious. It may only save me 5 seconds in the morning to use one product instead of two, but it also makes sure my skin is covered on the days where I would have forgotten to slather on the SPF. I like products that have at least an SPF of 30 if they’re going to be on my face, as this skin is usually thinner compared to other parts of your body.

Go for the Stick

This product seems pretty new to me, and thus was incredibly intriguing as I saw it hanging out in the grocery store aisle. Though it looks like a deodorant, it contains a lightweight and non-greasy slide of SPF to whatever body part you choose to use it on. I find this stuff easy to use on the face (if I haven’t followed my previously mentioned statement), or on exposed parts like my neck, top of the hands, or collarbones if I find myself outside and unprepared. This stuff is a lifesaver as it’s small enough to carry in a purse and doesn’t annoy the person beside you with its smell.

Spray All Day

Some things haven’t changed since I was a kid – mainly that I still hate lotion based sun screens. Maybe they’ve changed and become faster absorbing, but I still hate the idea of sloppingĀ on lotion after putting on my clothes. That’s where sprays have become a godsend. I especially love this one from Neutrogena that absorbs quickly and leaves my skin without the sticky gross feeling. If I’m home and sans clothes, this is an easy way to cover the body, or if I’m out and trying to apply around my clothes I like spraying it into my hands and letting it absorb quickly where it needs to be.

SPF isn’t the coolest thing – but it’s incredibly important to start finding ways to make it work and these are three ways that work for me.

How do you like using your SPF?


Stay sun safe!

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  • Zeynab

    May 25, 2017

    I am not the biggest fan of SPF, but it’s defintiely important. I really like the Neutragena spf it’s very lightweight and doesnt leave a white cast.

    The Beauty Load


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