Managing Stress On The Go

Stress is one of those buzz words that has become so common in the past year, we can start to view it as a normal occurrence in our lives. I acknowledge it is quite hard to fully live a ‘stress-free’ life, but there are many tools in our toolbox we all have that help to manage and reduce our stress.

It’s relatively easy to start a bath in the evening or schedule in a yoga class, but what can you do when you have a packed day full of meetings, work, or commitments?

Here are four of my favourite ways that I manage stress while I’m on the go.


Essential Oils

Essential oils have gotten huge in the last year, and for good reason. I especially love these compact rollerballs that Sage have created that are extremely travel-friendly. I currently have three favourites from the line; Stress Release, Sleep Well, and Energy. Depending on what I need at the moment, I swipe the oil onto my inner wrists, behind my ears, and even take a large inhale from the bottle. The strong scent wakes me up, helps me feel a little more present to my surroundings, and usually brings on a calming effect.



One of the best ways that my body releases stress and tension is to take a few minutes to myself to appreciate the moment and sink into my body. Buddhify has soon become one of my favourite apps because it takes the guess work out of practicing mindfulness. You simple pick the activity you’re doing (i.e. Trouble Sleeping, Difficult Emotions, Taking a Walk), plug in your earphones, and relax. I find this a great option for on the go as you can follow the prompts through your headphones and make it as inconspicuous as you’d like.



Write it Down

A lot of stress can come from anxiety about the future. Incessant thoughts of what needs to get done, certain deadlines, goals, and to-do lists can clutter our minds and create a strong feeling of being overwhelmed. I very much believe that keeping designated notebooks for these thoughts, lists, and deadlines helps to ease the anxiety that accompanies these feelings of having so many things on my plate.  When you put all of these thoughts into one place, it can help ease the anxiety of forgetting or foregoing something, as well as being a quick reference point for the day’s tasks.



Enjoy Your Drink

In this era of fast food and drive thru’s, I relish in the moments I can order a coffee in a ceramic mug and sip it in store. Of course, this may take a little longer than swiping on some essential oils or listening to a five-minute meditation, but I promise that there is something special when you take yourself out for coffee (or tea, hot chocolate, that London fog…) and slowly enjoy the warmth that it brings. Some of my favourites places to sip in Edmonton can be found here.


Stress is inevitable. Unless you’re living in ‘monk status’, we all deal with life stressors and the busyness that comes with our lives. I urge you to try some of these and find out what works for you. It could be all of them, or neither, but taking the time to try each one will give you a better understanding of how your body reacts and responds to stress and the management of it.


I would love to hear what stress reduction techniques work for you! Feel free to hit up the comments below and share some of your secrets so we can all benefit.



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