Environmental Dimension + Where I Buy My Plants

I am a [new ] lover of plants.

My mom was the green thumb in the family growing up, and it isn’t until my mid-twenties that I’ve finally found an understanding in the love of plants with her. I did however, always have a love for the outdoors and the world outside of my home, which often came from family camping trips in the East Arm of Great Slave Lake, and many snowmobile trips across frozen bodies of water.

In my undergrad, I took an entire class around how our environment (the outdoors, nature, green space, whatever you identify with) impacts our health. In seemed “fluffy” at the time, but my assignments centred around going on nature walks in different areas of Calgary and reporting back how I felt and what I noticed within my body.

Our environment is more closely linked to your body, mood, and understanding of health than you probably realize. It’s our duty to take care of our natural world for the next generation, but I also urge you to become aware of the environments you put yourself in every day. School, home, and work, can be toxic or uplifting depending on the people you associate with and the perspective you have of yourself in that environment.

As I take more time to draw into nature around me, both in the outdoors and what I’m able to bring into my apartment, I am reminded how beautiful creation really is. If you have a budding plant addiction like I do (or would like to someday develop one) then check out some of my favourite plant shops in Calgary, Alberta. This is one way I support my environmental dimension of wellness, and something that especially helps during those cold winter months where greenery seems to be removed from the earth’s colour pallette.


This store is a dream, located in the heart of Inglewood. Its name is accurate, but this store holds so much more than just planters and greenery to put inside. Plant also has two store pups that are incredibly friendly, the cutest cards to give to anyone in your life, and a vast collection of home decor that even those without a love of plants would greatly appreciate.

I find this store incredibly hard to leave empty-handed, and have founded many cactus’ and succulents in my home from Plant.

Luke’s Drug Mart

One of Calgary’s oldest family-operated drugstores, this place has been modernized with the assortment of local products, hearty espresso machines, and the ever famous charcoal ice-cream. Both store location showcase the beautiful terrariums and planters from Plant and at crazy reasonable prices.

Do you know what this means? You could be going into Luke’s for a coffee or to buy band-aids and BAM! You are swooned by beautiful succulents and they are now settled into the back of your car.

I say this from experience… 

Sunnyside Greenhouses

Sunnyside Greenhouses was a recommendation from a plant-loving co-worker (who currently is banned from bringing home any more by her roommates!). The space is vast, and the variety is unparalleled. While this store reminds me more of a greenhouse my mom would bring me to in my youth, it’s an education-packed location for everything house plants and beyond.

If you find yourself in the Sunnyside area, make your way inside and feel transported to a tropical island. I highly recommend visiting in winter to stave off those cold days when the colour green has been less than represented in our scenery.


And then there is IKEA. Simple succulents, aloe, and cacti all at feel-good prices with planters within an arms reach. IKEA is the real OG, and I can’t help but want to put a couple more plants into my cart every time I end up there for any of my other home decor shopping needs.

What is your favourite, easy to care for plant you own?


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