Road Trip Essentials

How is it already August?

How is 2016 almost over?!?

Time has been eluding me these last couple months. After 11 years of working every summer (that’s from the age of 13 if you were curious…) I have finally found a job I love both the work and the people. Every day has been an absolute treat, and an absolute rush of time flying by me as the weeks have turned into months and now, I am here with my last month of work before I hit the books again in September.

I promised myself a vacation this summer. Even if work was slow or minimally paid, I promised myself I would go on an adventure and let myself relax for a solid two weeks. Well, that vacation is fast approaching and it means that once I return I have one more week of work left in me this summer and a very imminent school start date.

But I am not here to delve too far into the future. My sights are set on this beautiful road trip and the adventures that are soon to come! Road trips are my absolute favourite. Time spent in cars, music blaring, the freedom of an open road… it all is way too exciting. This road trip also has a couple other treats involved as I’m meeting my boyfriend’s parents for the first time on the beautiful Vancouver Island. From there we are heading down to explore Seattle and Portland – two places that have been on my “travel list” for a very, very long time.

If you have any recommendations of food, sights, or coffee in any of these locations, I encourage you to respond in the comments. I love suggestions, and very much like to “live as a local” while I am travelling. I also don’t want to miss anything in the short time we have in each place!

As I have become a more seasoned veteran of road trips over the years, I feel like I have collected a list of some essentials that can help a road trip go a little more smoothly. If you have any others that have served you well I would love to hear about them! Sharing is caring, ammiright?

Karma Probiotic Water 


Karma water has been a new discovery for me in the last couple of weeks and a fast favourite. This probiotic line delivers more than 10x the live cells of probiotics compared to yogurt, which means your gut (and digestion) will be happy with you despite the long car rides. Each drink is also packed with vitamins to supplement the days where vegetables seem few and far between.

The probiotic line is pretty new to Canada and can be hard to find, but the regular Karma water can be found in Costco or Shoppers Drug Mart. Right now I’m loving Berry Cherry and Blueberry Lemonade from the probiotic line which is safely stowed away in my car for the long trip ahead.


Whoever said “leggings aren’t pants” are right, because pants suck most of the time anyways. I love throwing on a pair of comfortable leggings when on a road trip because it gives you the feeling of wearing pyjamas but not being afraid to get out of your car for pit stops. Especially on longer bouts, jeans become stiff and uncomfortable, dresses get annoying and ride up, and shorts fall somewhere in between. Leggings have served me and the variety of leg positions I get into on road trips well – no contest.

Healthy Snacks 

Snacks are an essential while on a road trip. However, the quality of snacks must be thought of quite closely – cars are a great way to overeat to combat boredom or to try and keep yourself awake. It’s also easy to consume a lot of extra calories which, in addition to staying relatively sedentary on long drives is a recipe for unnecessary weight gain.

Snacks should serve a purpose. They should be a) nutrient dense, b) filling, and c) tasty. It’s not overly hard to find snacks that fit each of these criteria, but it’s easier said than done to overeat these. If this is a concern for you, pack what you’ll need for that day in the car and the rest goes in the trunk! You can always pull over and grab more snacks if needed, but don’t let the temptation sit there in front of you when boredom strikes.


My favourite healthy snacks for road trips are protein bars, nuts, and bulk snacks from Costco. I like to portion out these bulk snacks into baggies and keep the larger bags in the trunk. Mindless eating is not even an option.



Car Yoga

Before you get totally thrown off by the title, here me out. Driving is fun – but it wreaks havoc on your body after a couple of long sessions. And we all know we should be taking regular breaks to get out of the car to stretch our legs, but it often doesn’t happen. So here comes in car yoga. This is an adaption from the popular “Airplane Yoga” that came out a few years back to combat the sitting from long haul flights. All of these can be done by just sitting in your seat (though if you’re the driver… please modify!) Some of my favourites are:



If you have an upcoming road trip, give some of these a try! Let me know how they handle and if any have helped you stick to healthier options while galavanting on your adventure.



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