Welcome to Mastering Health!

Do you ever get one of those “Christmas morning” feelings?

You’ve been waiting for something for so long that the anticipation has you feeling like a child waiting to open up wrapped presents from under a tree. That is how I feel about grad school.

At the end of 2014, I was in the midst of writing grad applications as well as packing up my 30L backpack to travel Europe for three months. That entire trip was a wonderful exploration of how people and cultures interact with health, discovering new food options, and experiencing new cities on foot. A beautiful cap to my trip was to receive acceptance to my first choice university ironically two hours after landing back in Canada. What a wonderful way to be welcomed home!

And now, I am three weeks away from starting my first year as a public health grad student. I have huge dreams for what I want to accomplish career wise, and even more so in my personal journey towards health.

I’m excited to learn, to grow, and to share with you what I find along the way!

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