What is masteringhealth?

This blog is soon coming up on one year old, and I couldn’t be more thankful for what the last year has brought me. I have finished one year of grad school, I have moved to a new city, started my dream job for the summer, and am planning for a glorious vacation before my last school year begins.


masteringhealth has been a lot more work than I have ever anticipated, but it has also taught me so many things; editing, photography, networking, creativity, consistency, and more…


This blog has become my creative outlet in the last year to post about my true passion of health and share my knowledge with all who are interested (which is pretty dang cool.) This blog is just getting over its newborn stage, which means it’s starting to mold and shape itself into a bigger and better version of itself.

So, what is masteringhealth?

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Well, if we’re going by a literal definition, it means something along the lines of “to acquire complete knowledge or skill in health.” And that’s loosely what I want this blog to be about.


There are an infinite number of health blogs out there promoting specific diets, foods, exercises, gadgets, etc. And while some of these can work well for some people, I believe that each of us has the responsibility to educate ourselves on the huge topic that is health (mental, physical, emotional, environmental health etc.…). Hopefully, this blog helps you learn something new, lets you think about it critically, and if it’s something that works for you and your lifestyle, maybe it’s something you incorporate.


From experience, good health is a balance between moderation and extremes (and more so moderation). It involves listening to your body and giving it what it is asking of you – with the hard part being stopping long enough to listen.


Let’s join together on this journey of health and happiness! Please comment below any topics or ideas you would like to see posts on and I will do my best to research and get the information to you in the easiest way.


Mindfully yours,


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