4 Ways I’m Embracing Hygge This Winter

Lately, I’ve been feeling like I’m constantly cold. 

Temperatures across Canada have dipped into the -30s, and my city was not exempt from this frigid cold front. Combine this cold with an apartment with older windows, and I can say that embracing the coziness (and extra blankets) of hygge has been a welcomed part of my routine. I first discovered hygge a few years ago on my trip to Scandinavia that sparked this post, and have been trying to embrace this Nordic ritual ever since.

As I head back into the routine of work, I want to share some of the ingredients I’ve added into my routine over the holiday break that have added more warmth, slowness, and generally hygge vibes into my chilly apartment. Hopefully, these spark some ideas for you to slow down and stay warm as we start off this beautiful 2018, new year.

Soft Lighting

Give me a scent and I will give you a memory. The mixture of the flicker of light and the comfort a candle brings has me instantly in a more zen-like state. I’ve dropped the sugary smells that come with the holidays and have opted for deeper warmer scents like fresh balsam and bergamot. These scents help fill my room and provide the soft lighting that adds to the cozy feel. And when it’s possible, I like to look for soy candles as they burn cleaner and longer, which is ultimately better for the environment and my lungs.

Warm Drinks

I have been on a serious Earl Grey kick lately. I was gifted an amazing set of teabags (straight from England!) and I have suddenly become obsessed. I steep a bag in the largest mug I can find in my home and let the heat of the mug warm my hands as they cradle the sides. The comfort a warm drink brings is almost immediate.

Fuzzy Blankets

A faux mink blanket found it’s way into my arms earlier this year and it’s hard to ever think that other blankets exist. Since that first one arrived, I’ve accumulated two more (sorry, not sorry) and I have to admit they are essential in embracing hygge this winter.

Good Reads

Right now I’m diving through Braving the Wilderness by Brene Brown, and it’s reflective message about entering into the “wilderness” alone has been hitting the spot. Sometimes I like to put on audio books so I can merely sink into my couch, close my eyes and absorb, but nothing beats the feel of a good book wrapped up in your fingertips to settle you into a cozy, quiet evening.

How do you like to embrace hygge in the winter time?


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